Fishing in Rangeley

The ice is out on Quimby Pond, the loons are back and the fish are biting!┬áThe black flies aren’t out yet and it’s warm enough to sit on the porch and it’s just about time to start the garden.

In our eagerness for fishing season we went out on opening day April 1st, but the snowbanks were still so high I had to crawl over them in my waders to get to the river! I held my rod high as I sunk up to my waist in soft snow, struggling to make it to the water. Thankfully the snowbanks are gone now and although the water is still a little high from all the rain this spring the fish are here waiting in the riffles! I expect it will only get better!


In a few weeks I’ll bring the canoe down to the pond and plant the garden, but in the mean-time it’s time to go back out fishing….