Summer Upta Camp in Rangeley

Up Close & Personal!

Up Close & Personal!

It’s been a hot summer in Maine this year but thankfully camp is always cooler in the shade of the porch! We’ve had a lot of hummingbirds coming to the feeder this summer and it has been lovely to watch them zip back and forth in front of the porch windows. The blueberries are out and it is a great year for picking! They are plentiful in the yard right now. A few good moose sightings this year too!

This year, while some kids went to traditional summer camp–my niece came to Red Quill Camp, where I dress her in a drysuit and she waded out in the river to fish with me, learned to build a fire, learned to canoe on the pond, stargazed and listened to loons at night snuggled in my lap next to the fire. Life is pretty good at Red Quill Camp. Bring your family too and enjoy the peace of the woods.

“Summer Camp”