Summer Fun in Rangeley!

Loons on Quimby. Photo by Sue Motley

Photo by Sue Motley

We’re in the full summer swing of things in Rangeley! It’s time to sit on the porch and enjoy the cool shade of the woods during the heat of the day, watch the birds at the birdfeeder, and listen to the loons in the evening. There is a loon family on the pond this summer with two baby loons. Keep an eye out for them riding high on Momma Loon’s back as you take the canoe out on the pond!


As I sit in the hammock after a day of canoeing and summer fun, the grill wafts the smells of summer BBQ into the woods. The camp bikes lean against the woodshed next to the berry patch—the tip of my fingers still stained red from strawberry picking after our ride on the around the pond. I clasp a cool beverage in my hand as dinner cooks on the grill and smile as the fireflies start to come out. Nothing beats summer at camp.