Winter in Rangeley

img_4355Winter in Rangeley is here! The snow began falling around Halloween and it has been gently falling ever since. I sit snuggled on the couch with the fire going and watch big fat flakes collecting on the tree branches outside the window. Soon we will put on the x-country ski’s and head out the back door and onto the myriad of trails through the woods and glide quietly through the forest. This time of year is quiet in the woods. The chickadees flit through the snow-covered branches causing little snow-showers as they brush snow off the branches where they land. The resident woodpecker drums in the background, taking the place of the loon call as the seasons change. Deer move along their winter trails and paw at the ground for bird-seed under the bird-feeder in the backyard. Whether sitting by the fire, on the porch, or playing outside, it’s a great time of year to be in Rangeley and enjoying camp.

img_4382Deer in the yard