Welcome! Red Quill Cabin is located in the heart of Rangeley attractions, sleeps 5-7 people, and is $825.00 per week or $350 for a weekend plus a 9% Maine State Rental Tax. Click on the links above to find out more.

Below is the seasonal blog where you can read about what is happening in Rangeley. Find out what what’s happening in the woods, on the ponds and rivers, and around Red Quill Camp!

Summer Upta Camp in Rangeley

Up Close & Personal!

Up Close & Personal!

It’s been a hot summer in Maine this year but thankfully camp is always cooler in the shade of the porch! We’ve had a lot of hummingbirds coming to the feeder this summer and it has been lovely to watch them zip back and forth in front of the porch windows. The blueberries are out and it is a great year for picking! They are plentiful in the yard right now. A few good moose sightings this year too!

This year, while some kids went to traditional summer camp–my niece came to Red Quill Camp, where I dress her in a drysuit and she waded out in the river to fish with me, learned to build a fire, learned to canoe on the pond, stargazed and listened to loons at night snuggled in my lap next to the fire. Life is pretty good at Red Quill Camp. Bring your family too and enjoy the peace of the woods.

“Summer Camp”




Spring is Here at Last!

We had a wonderfully snowy winter this year! As we move into spring the warm air and melting snow has brought everyone out of hibernation. The deer have been hanging out in the yard under the bird feeder as usual, and the spring birds have been singing in the sun-filled branches. It’s April, which means fishing season has officially opened and the die-hard fishermen and women are climbing over the snowbanks to get to the river. It’s always fun to break out the fly box and start seeing bare patches of ground in the spring and think about coming adventures this summer on the rivers and in the mountains.


Porcupine Tracks!

Summer Fun in Rangeley!

Loons on Quimby. Photo by Sue Motley

Photo by Sue Motley

We’re in the full summer swing of things in Rangeley! It’s time to sit on the porch and enjoy the cool shade of the woods during the heat of the day, watch the birds at the birdfeeder, and listen to the loons in the evening. There is a loon family on the pond this summer with two baby loons. Keep an eye out for them riding high on Momma Loon’s back as you take the canoe out on the pond!


As I sit in the hammock after a day of canoeing and summer fun, the grill wafts the smells of summer BBQ into the woods. The camp bikes lean against the woodshed next to the berry patch—the tip of my fingers still stained red from strawberry picking after our ride on the around the pond. I clasp a cool beverage in my hand as dinner cooks on the grill and smile as the fireflies start to come out. Nothing beats summer at camp.


Fishing in Rangeley

The ice is out on Quimby Pond, the loons are back and the fish are biting! The black flies aren’t out yet and it’s warm enough to sit on the porch and it’s just about time to start the garden.

In our eagerness for fishing season we went out on opening day April 1st, but the snowbanks were still so high I had to crawl over them in my waders to get to the river! I held my rod high as I sunk up to my waist in soft snow, struggling to make it to the water. Thankfully the snowbanks are gone now and although the water is still a little high from all the rain this spring the fish are here waiting in the riffles! I expect it will only get better!


In a few weeks I’ll bring the canoe down to the pond and plant the garden, but in the mean-time it’s time to go back out fishing….